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How did Hugging Face and Lorem Ipsum turn ChatGPT into an Artistic Genius with Poetic Prowess

Have you ever wondered that Lorem ipsum dolor is? Have you ever encountered it filling up something where there should have been some intelligible text? Depending on what you do, you may see it every day, or hardly ever.

I was using ChatGPT to aid me in learning about Hugging Face GPT-3 models. I was interested in a local setup of some generative NLP that would allow me full control of the data. The public version of ChatGPT has been so helpful in my hobbies, I had become interested in exploring what I can do to setup something where I would be comfortable exposing my contact details, address, and other PII type of information. There was some suggestions of private instances and such, but what really caught my attention was when ChatGPT suggested that I setup a local version using Hugging Face GPT-3. So before I spend the time commitment to do such a thing I wanted to investigate more.

I started by asking how much time it would setup, and boy did ChatGPT try to dodge that question left and right. It even gave me decent list of steps I would need to follow to set it up.

Finally I got tired of being given the runaround so I just straight out and forced it to give me an estimate.

Few hours to a day, that sounds like a small enough project and with my technical background should not be too challenging to finish. So next I needed to find out would it give me what I expected and I went meta on ChatGPT. I started asking it questions on what it thinks Hugging Face GPT-3 would generate as output. I didn't think it would work, but it actually gave me something believable, though I hadn't verified with actually testing it out in Hugging Face's GPT-3.

But I typically like to use ChatGPT to improve my writing, making it easier to understand and sound better. So I tried a few times to get a sample output of what ChatGPT thinks Hugging Face's GPT-3 would output in that situation, and stumbled upon

The famous Lorem ipsum dolor text! I've encountered it in a few places sporadically, wether in some kind of early preview where some UI has the placeholder, when building web pages or doing layout and some sample text is presented to help give the look and feel of some stylesheet. Or in blooper videos where the text did not get replace with real text before it was printed or deployed to production. This threw me for a tangent and I wondered what does it mean. At this point I knew it was supposed to be nonsensical latin, but didn't understand the full implications of this. I figured some of those words must translate to something in English, so I tried hard to get ChatGPT to tell me what the English equivalent would be.

Apparently on top of it being nonsensical latin, it was written in a way that defies attempt to get a translation. I was hoping for choppy strings where nonsensical latin sounding words were interspersed with actual English translations of real Latin words. I was denied and it made me more curious. After many more attempts, I reached a new nugget of information.

Now I had a little more clue in what directions to ask to get to what I want.

This was closer, now I knew that someone actually spent a lot of effort to ensure Lorem Ipsum couldn't be translated. Some more information, and now I am somewhat well informed around the history of Lorem ipsum.

Maybe I can get the original latin text the scramble was based on?

That was so short, what is up with that?

So It's not translatable, and it's not even fully based on some original text, but I just wanted to know what some of those words might mean, maybe I can have this generative AI, generate some english words that might match?

Jackpot! Though it only provided the fictional translation for the section in the middle of the Lorem Ipsum text I was trying to get ChatGPT to translate.

I restated my query and finally got two decent fictional translations. Here is ChatGPT's first attempt.

Fictional Translation: "Amidst the enchanting journey, the soul finds solace. Harmonious melodies dance in the ethereal realm, where wisdom and grace intertwine. The whispers of ancient knowledge guide the way, illuminating the path of enlightenment. Embracing the essence of serenity, the heart blooms with tranquility. A symphony of dreams unfolds, as aspirations take flight. Within the sacred embrace of time, infinite possibilities emerge. The cosmic tapestry weaves tales of wonder, painting the canvas of existence. In this cosmic dance, echoes of eternity resonate, unveiling the secrets of the universe. With every breath, a new chapter begins, unveiling the infinite depths of the soul. As the journey unfolds, echoes of the past intertwine with the promise of tomorrow. Embracing the unknown, we find ourselves in the embrace of destiny. And so, the cosmic dance continues, ever-evolving, ever-unfolding."

I decided to regenerate to see if it gave consistent fictional translations, and to my surprise some of the words and meanings are the same, but the second one turned out so poetic and profound that I had to share it with you all through this blog.

Fictional Translation: "Amidst the stars, hidden in celestial realms, lies a secret wisdom that whispers in the hearts of those who seek understanding. A journey of self-discovery unfolds, as the essence of life intertwines with the tapestry of dreams. Through trials and triumphs, one finds the strength to embrace the unknown and forge their own destiny. In the vast expanse of existence, every soul carries a unique melody, harmonizing with the cosmic dance of time and space. As the cosmic symphony plays, let your spirit soar and your heart be filled with the wonders of the universe. Embrace the beauty that surrounds you and let the light of knowledge illuminate your path. For in this ethereal tapestry, where the mundane and extraordinary converge, lies the boundless realm of infinite possibilities."

Is it profound? Is it poetic? Does it match the psuedo Latin found in the Lorem ipsum text?

Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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